Jesus wasn’t a Christian. He was Jewish

During Holy Week, let’s not forget this.  Jesus of Nazareth was not a Christian.  He was an observant Jew from the moment he was born until the moment he died.  This inconvenient fact might be a shock to some  “Christian” Anti-Semites like the murderer Frazier Glenn Miller in Kansas.  By his logic, a Christian would be the one crucifying Jesus right along with the Romans.

jewish jesus

“When God became human, healing humanity through his experience as a person who was wounded and hurt in many ways, God did not become a generic human being, a Roman, a Greek, or even an elite Judean Jew. He became a marginal, Galilean Jew, a village craftsman living with his family and neighbors in a village situated on the periphery of the political, intellectual, and religious powers of the world”–Fr. Virgilio Elizondo

Lord, have mercy on us all.

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