Thinking about God on the picket line

BP Strike 1


Dorothy Day wrote: “Let us be honest, let us say that fundamentally, the stand we are taking is not on the ground of wages and hours and conditions of labor, but on the fundamental truth that men [sic] should not be treated as chattels, but as human beings, as ‘temples of the Holy Ghost.’  When Christ took on our human nature, when He became man, He dignified and ennobled human nature.  He said, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you…’ 


BP Strike 7


“…When men are striking, they are following an impulse, often blind, often uninformed, but a good impulse–one could say even an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  They are trying to uphold their right to be treated not as slaves but as men… 



BP Strike 12


“…They are fighting for a share in management, for their right to be considered partners in the enterprise in which they are engaged.  They are fighting against the idea of their labor as a commodity, to be bought and sold” (Our Stand on Strikes, The Catholic Worker, July 1936).


BP Strike 4

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