1. How long will it take for me to receive my book or article ?

Depending on the location of the lending library, books will usually arrive 7-14 days after a request is submitted. 

2. I am not able to access an article that I need. What should I do ?

If we do not have access to an article that you need, we may be able to acquire the article on your behalf from another library.  To do so, you would first need to fill out a formal request using the "Interlibrary Loan Request Form" located on our website. Once you have filled out that form and submitted the form, we will get in contact with you and send you the article when we receive it.  Click here to learn more about this process. 

3. What is a database?

A database is an electronic resource that provides access to articles, books, videos, and other types of content. As a student, you are able to freely access our databases either from home using your student ID # or on campus. To see the databases that we offer, visit our website (www.ccsj.edu/library) and click on the "Databases" button in the middle of the page. 


4. What is a literature review?

In general, a literature review is a component that appears early in a research paper and is used to provide an overview of previous research on a particular topic. While there are different types of literature reviews, a literature review is generally done to gain an understanding of what has been said on the topic, identify where there is a gap in the research, and ultimately provide case for the research being undertaken. 

For more information about what a literature review is and how it is used, checkout this video from  NCSU Libraries. 


Video from  NCSU Libraries

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