Interim Department Chair: Br. Ben Basile

Support Area Director: Carrie Hutton, M.S., M.S.E., Ed.D

Faculty: Benjamin S. Basile, C.PP.S., M.S.; Randi Genung, M.S.; Angela Hehn, M.A.T.; Carrie Hutton, M.S., M.S.E., Ed.D; Doug Kman, M.S.; Deanne Shimala, CPA, M.S.T.; James Sullivan, Ed.D

Program Details

  • Course Placement
  • Courses

Mathematics Course Placement

Initial placement in the sequence of math courses for a program is determined by an appropriate score on the Accuplacer exam. Once a student has begun the CCSJ math sequence, only course grades will be used as prerequisites for additional math courses. An appointment is needed with the admissions office for the Accuplacer test.


To see the list of courses related to this program, check out the course descriptions on the Biophysical Chemistry and Math Department Courses page.

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