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BNI Presentation

Bishop Noll Institute Presentation

Last Monday, representatives from Calumet College of St. Joseph treated seniors at Bishop Noll Institute to a presentation about life after high school. CCSJ professor Desila Rosetti and rising senior Kellyn Vale each provided students with valuable insight on professionalism, networking, and finding your own path after graduation.

Bishop Noll Presentation Desila Rosetti presents to class

"The diocese requires us to share information with students to help them live their best lives in a safe way," said Stacia Bolakowski, Campus Minister and teacher at BNI. "This presentation gave them practical information about being in new group situations in a professional manner."

Rosetti kicked off the presentation with a lesson in professionalism, teaching students the proper way to give a handshake as well as educating them on how to "break in" to social groups when presented with networking opportunities.

"It was a bit awkward at first, but not so bad once I got used to it," one student commented. "It was a great experience, and I definitely learned a lot."

As a business professional of over 30 years, Rosetti is an expert in her field, and enjoys passing down her knowledge to students whenever she can.

"I love my job," Rosetti said. "It's so important to teach these kids professionalism, whether they be at the high school or college level. I'll continue doing this as long as I feel I can still add value to their education and their future."

After practicing their new communication skills, students took their seats to hear Vale tell her personal journey of finding the right college for her. She spoke about how she started out as a freshman at Indiana University Bloomington, but transferred to CCSJ after realizing IUB just wasn't the right fit for her.

Bishop Noll Presentation students handshakes

"IU was everything I thought I wanted at the time, and I really tried to make things work there," Vale said. "After that first year, I realized it just wasn't worth it to keep forcing a puzzle piece that just didn't fit into my life. That's when I chose to transfer to CCSJ, and I've never been happier ever since!"

With so many voices influencing seniors' college decisions, Vale wants to make sure they know that the most important voice to listen to is their own.

"I want seniors to know that it's okay to make your own path and choose a school that goes against the grain," Vale continued. "Always listen to your gut feeling; intuition tells you a lot about where you need to be, and sometimes following it can lead you to the best opportunities you never saw coming!"

With a plethora of information and an opportunity for question and answer at the end, the day's presentation was a great success, and could lead to more like it in the future.

"It made me realize as an educator that we need to do presentations like this more often," Bolakowski said. "Not just for our seniors, but for the entire student body!"