Political Science

Department Chairperson: Valerie Pennanen, Ph.D.

Support Area Director: Tina Ebenger, Ph.D.

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Political Science Courses (PLSC)

PLSC 220 American Political System I
3 hours
Students are introduced to the basic concepts for the study of political life in terms of the structure and functions of the American political system. Students will examine the Constitution and its development, the changing nature of federalism, a study of the popular control of government, and the structure and functions of the national government.
(This course is a CCSJ General Education option in Social Sciences.)
Prerequisite: EWPC 103

PLSC 230 American Political System II
This course is a continuation of Political Science 220 with a study of state and local governments in the U.S. Constitutional and legal framework of state and local governments, state and local politics, executive, legislative, and judicial institutions, state and local government services and major policies, state and local finances.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103

PLSC 310 Political Participation
This course investigates the entire range of linkages between citizens and governors. It considers both the legitimate and the illegitimate political activities and behavior. Public opinion and voting behavior, political parties, interest groups, corruption and violence are the principal modes of political participation analyzed in this course.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103; PLSC 220

PLSC 312 Urban Politics
The course focuses on the impact of an urban society upon the forms, structures, and functions of city and county government agencies. The course will also examine the political problems associated with urban growth, and city government’s response to policy issues such as employment, education, housing, social welfare and social inequality.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103; PLSC 220

PLSC 315 United States Constitutional History
Students will examine the development of the national and state constitutions from British and colonial origins to the present and constitutional theory and practice, through conventions, court cases, amendments, and custom.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103; PLSC 220

PLSC 340 Comparative Political System
This course is an introduction to the comparative method study of representative modern and developing political systems of the world.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103; PLSC 220

PLSC 420 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
A study of the politics of civil rights and civil liberties in the United States focusing upon the Constitution, legislation, court decisions and executive implementation.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103; PLSC 220; Cross-listed: SSC 420

PLSC 450 Modern Political Thought
This course is a brief survey of major contemporary currents of political thought--conservatism, liberalism and socialism. The principal focus of the course, however, is on the philosophical contributions of John Locke, Edmund Burke, John Stewart Mills and Karl Marx.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103; PLSC 220

PLSC 496 Topics in Political Science
This course will investigate, analyze and discuss significant and contemporary topics in the field of political science. Topics courses (but not specific courses) may be repeated for a total of 6 credits.
Prerequisite: EWPC 103, PLSC 220

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