Minor in History

We cordially invite you to combine the academic major of your choice with a History Minor.  While enabling you to pursue many fascinating topics, the History Minor also will deepen your understanding of different people and cultures to help you become the kind of citizen that your country—and the world—needs today.

On a more practical level, CCSJ’s History Minor curriculum will strengthen your critical thinking, research, and communication skills.  Employers in fields from business to law to education place great value on these skills and know how integral they are to historians’ training.  If you care about the subject and make it a priority to do well, it’s hard to go wrong with a CCSJ History Minor!

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12 Credit hours

The following courses are required:

Two of the following:
HIST 305   Advanced Studies in Western Civilization
HIST 310   Advanced Studies in American Civilization
HIST 320   Advanced Studies in World Civilizations
HIST 330   History of Christianity (cross-listed as THEO 390)

One of the following:
HIST 324   The Immigrant Experience
HIST 390   History of Latin America
HIST 431   American Urban History

The following required course:
HIST 496   Topics in History



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in the Calumet College of St. Joseph History Program!