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St. Gaspar's

The St. Gaspar’s Honors Learning Community provides an exceptional educational experience to a diverse group of highly motivated undergraduate students. Participants are full-time undergraduate students committed to CCSJ’s Five Pillars, with an ultimate focus on Leadership, Initiative, and Curiosity.

Our patron saint, St. Gaspar, fought against all odds to educate and inspire people on the margins of society. In all senses of the word, he was a teacher and a dreamer. As students, our ultimate focus is on doing justice in the world and having as much meaningful fun as we can along the way.

Admission is based on merit.


And Learn

The Honors environment nurtures the growth of the whole student— academically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Honors students will have access to and experience:

  • Service opportunities
  • Build a professional portfolio of experiences
  • Become a part of a scholarly community
  • Unique study abroad and international travel opportunities
  • Scholarships
  • Community engagement
  • Networking opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Honors transcript
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Special activities
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Rewards and Responsibilities

Students in the program perform at least ten hours of service in the community each semester, with an eye toward building a professional portfolio of experiences. They also take GENL 290 H, The Honors Seminar, a place where we have guest speakers, focus on current problems, engage in academic discourse and enrichment, and prepare for post-graduate success. Students in the program receive a broad range of opportunities including scholarships, international travel, community engagement, networking, academic challenge, and leadership.

Submit the online statement of interest form. Students who submit the online statement of interest form between December 2 and August 1 will be considered for admittance to the Honors Learning Community in the fall semester. Students who submit the online statement of interest form between August 2 and December 1 will be considered for admittance to the Honors Learning Community in the spring semester.

After the online statement of interest form has been submitted, an interview with Honors Learning Community faculty will take place. Students can expect to spend between 30 and 45 minutes with faculty for the interview. The Honors Community faculty will be most interested in why students want to be part of the Honors Learning Community and what they bring, as a holistic student, to the community.

Students coming directly from high school: minimum 3.3 Cumulative GPA, minimum 22 ACT score, minimum 1100 SAT score.

Students coming directly from an institution of higher education: 3.2 Cumulative GPA, and a record of community engagement.

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2
  • Attend and participate in all Honors Seminars (or make-up seminars) each term
  • Pass GENL 290 H each term
  • Consistently engage in service, actively build leadership skills on campus, and pursue research or creative interests above and beyond standard college requirements.
  • Transcripts and Honors contracts are reviewed every semester; Students who consistently fail to meet expectations may be placed on probation or removed from the program.
  • Honors Students who leave CCSJ will be required to re-apply for the program upon their return.
  • All determinations regarding admission, maintaining program eligibility, travel, and removal from the program are made by Honors Faculty. Decisions are final.

Statement of Interest

To apply for St. Gaspar’s Honors Learning Community, please complete the form below.

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