Official Charter School Authorizer

CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC provides leadership to establish a quality charter school culture resulting in legal compliance, board performance, and academic excellence.

Mission Statement

CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC’s mission is to provide communities with educational choices that value growth, achievement, social justice, local partnerships, and individualized support. CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC provides transparent accountability and oversight to ensure all students have access to rigorous and enriching educational experiences that equip them to succeed in future endeavors.

CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC
2400 New York Ave
Whiting, IN 46394

Executive Director

Dr. Carrie Hutton
(219) 473-4284


Mrs. Lynn Miskus, CPA

Elaine Hayse

CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC Board Members

Dr. Amy McCormack

Dr. Ginger Rodriguez

Shana Levinson

Complaints should be directed to the attention of the School Principal.

In the event that the complaint is not resolved, please direct the written complaint to Dr. Carrie Hutton at

These resources are provided to assist families and students with information about important procedures and guidelines at Indiana Charter Schools.

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy