Ed Olmos

Adjunct Faculty
Brief info

Ed Olmos is a 27 year veteran Sgt with the Midlothian Police Department. Ed has held numerous positions within the police department such as Director of Crime Free Housing, Watch Commander, Director of Grants, and managing the Field Training Operations. Ed is also an entrepreneur and has owned several businesses. Ed is heavily involved in the real estate industry and owns investment properties, venture capital business, home building industry, and is also involved in private capital lending.

I'm a proud graduate of Calumet College of St Joseph. The first thing I learned immediately was that all my professors had real life experience in the subject matter they taught. There is just something about a professor who can teach a subject matter and give a real life experience in that subject matter. This is what I enjoy and makes my job teaching much more easier and entertaining for my students. I bring 27 years of real life experiences in the field I teach in.