Digital and Studio Arts Program


The Digital and Studio Arts Program provides art students with a grounding in traditional art knowledge and skills, training in industry-standard computer graphic software, and the flexibility, resources, and opportunities to strike out on their own creative and career paths.

In the first two years, students acquire a foundation of knowledge in visual communication, graphic design, and art history, and basic mastery of skill in drawing, painting, and sculpting. On this foundation they build the computer graphic/software skills essential to work effectively in a variety of media and art careers, acquiring the flexibility that will enable them to work in a rapidly changing field.

The Digital and Studio Arts Program seeks to develop in its students the artistic knowledge, perception, and skill needed to pursue a satisfying contemporary career in the arts. As a Catholic institution, CCSJ faculty places artistic development within the spiritual development of the individual student and seeks to create emotional, intellectually and spiritually mature artists whose creations are an inspiration to others and a service to their community.

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Career Options with this major include, but are not limited to work as:

  • a graphic designer
  • a fine artist
  • a videographer
  • a media producer
  • a studio engineer
  • an art director


Paul Restivo, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor; Program Director, Digital and Studio Arts

Susannah Papish, M.F.A.

Adjunct Faculty

Walter Skiba, M.Mus.

Professor Emeritus


Objectives and requirements

120 credit hours
  • Students will understand the fundamentals of visual communication, including the development and placement of focal points, the principles of effective composition, and the uses of color.
  • Students will know the history of art and visual communication, from the prehistorical and ancient roots to post-modern eras, including major artists, classic works, and significant art movements.
  • Students will understand the foundations of effective graphic design, including format, the elements of line, type, shape, and texture, and the principles of structure, including balance, contrast, unity, value, and color.
  • Students will know the uses, capabilities, limitations of a variety of art media in two and three dimensions, from traditional drawing tools to digital images and photography, clay, and computer drawing tools.
  • Students will apply drawing principles: the accurate perception of object proportions, linear contours, negative and positive spaces, values of light and dark, and rules of perspective and will develop advanced drawing skills in the traditional fields of figure drawing and portraiture, still life, and landscape.
  • Students will become proficient in industry standard graphic arts computer software such as Adobe’s Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
  • Students will analyze and evaluate both their own artwork and the artwork of their fellow students and art professionals in a continual effort to develop their own artistic projects and gain mastery of creative processes, from idea development to successful execution and engagement with an audience.
  • Students will understand and apply the skills of a professional art career with an eye toward serving usefully in a variety of evolving industries.

38 Hours: General Education

12 Hours: Introductory Courses in Digital and Studio Arts

ARTS 100 Introduction to Performing Arts or ARTS 120 Digital Photography
ARTS 140 Introduction to Graphic Design
ARTS 160 Drawing I
ARTS 170 Introduction to Visual Arts

12 Hours: Intermediate Courses in Studio Arts

ARTS 230 Sculpture or ARTS 235 Ceramics
ARTS 261 Drawing II
ARTS 280 Art History
ARTS 290 Painting

12 Hours: Intermediate Courses in Digital Arts

Four of the Following Digital Arts Courses

ARTS 341 Design Thinking
ARTS 343 Visual Design with Adobe Illustrator
ARTS 355 Publication Layout with Adobe InDesign
ARTS 370 Video Production with Adobe Premiere
ARTS 371 Video Post-production with Adobe After Effects
ARTS 372 Audio Production with Adobe Audition

Two Courses in the Applied Digital and Studio Arts

ARTS 240 Performance and Stagecraft (up to 6 hours) or ARTS 395 Calumet Mediaworks Practicum (up to 6 hours)

10 hours: Advanced Courses in Digital and Studio Arts

ARTS 400 Advanced Studio Arts Practice or ARTS 405 Advanced Digital Arts Practice
ARTS 496 Topics in Digital and Studio Arts
ARTS 499 Senior Project and Portfolio

30 hours: Electives

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