Alumni Spotlight: David Hein

Town Manager of Dyer, Indiana; Former Chief of Police; Two-Time CCSJ Alumni

Meet David Hein, the former Chief of Police and current Town Manager of Dyer, Indiana, and two-time CCSJ alumni. David earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management in 2005 and his Master of Science in Public Safety Administration in 2021.

Mr. Hein is a dedicated public servant who is committed to his lifelong community of Dyer, Indiana. He began his career at 18 as a fireman, became a dispatcher at 21, then fulfilled his dream of being a police officer at 23—all in the town of Dyer. He chose to pursue his bachelor’s degree at Calumet College of St. Joseph, sharing how it worked hand-in-hand with his professional life of shift work.

Calumet College of St. Joseph is proud to be an integral part of Mr. Hein’s career and personal development. He embodies the values of our Public Safety Institute; he takes pride in protecting and serving and prioritizes community, equity and common good. We are proud of David’s accomplishments and know he will continue to be a strong leader in his new role as Town Manager.

“CCSJ is almost the perfect model, [that] ‘we know you have a busy life, a demanding [family] life at home, but we also want you to fit school in there. And it’s going to seem overwhelming at times but it’s definitely worth it.’ If I could say anything to a prospective student, no matter what the age is, or a younger student, it’s to stick with it. Make it work. Make a plan. And you’ll be fine.”
– David Hein, Town Manager, Former Chief of Police
Dyer, Indiana

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