Announcing the Calumet Commitment

Announcing the Calumet Commitment

New Scholarship to Offer Students Their Senior Year Tuition Paid in Full

WHITING, IN—Calumet College of St. Joseph announced today the Calumet Commitment, a new institutional scholarship that offers students who meet certain requirements the opportunity to have their senior year tuition paid in full.

All first-time freshman students who register for classes beginning in Fall 2021 are automatically eligible. To earn the scholarship, the student must:

  • Enter Calumet College of St. Joseph as a freshman
  • Reach their senior year by the 7th semester from the start of freshman year
  • Must enter that 7th semester with a minimum GPA of 3.3
  • Must have their most recent FAFSA on file

“CCSJ is a small college with a low student-faculty ratio. This empowers us to truly know our community of students, understand their individual academic and personal needs and create programs that will best serve them,” said Johnny Craig, Senior Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing and Athletics.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, undergraduate enrollment declined 3.6% in 2020. Additionally, for the first time in eight years, “the steady growth in undergraduate credential earners has come to a standstill due to a decline in first-time graduates.” Further, Inside Higher Ed reports the FAFSA completion rates decreased 15% for Spring 2021 graduates from high minority high schools—a key indicator as it relates to equitable access to higher education.

“Currently, young adults—particularly low-income, first-generation college students and students of color—are taking longer than ever to submit their college applications,” Craig elaborates. “Frankly, it is scary for them to take on the expense in the face of such uncertainty. While 94% of our traditional students receive financial aid, we recognize the need to do even more if we are to resist the widening education gap and continue to make college affordable and accessible. That is why, in addition to the increased financial assistance this program will provide, we are equally dedicated to ensuring our students receive the support they need to complete their degree and secure a job in their field.”

To help students successfully earn the Calumet Commitment scholarship, the College offers a number of academic support services. For example, the Student Success Center provides services such as free tutoring, Career Services aids in internship planning and assistance, and faculty and staff serve as mentors to enrolled students. To meet students’ personal needs, CCSJ provides social services ranging from counseling to an on-site food pantry.

“COVID-19 has further exposed inequities that have long existed among our students and their families. And as the only Catholic college in Northwest Indiana, our commitment to social justice, service, and community specifically calls us to do all we can to address these challenges,” said Craig. “The Calumet Commitment is our promise to continue investing in our diverse population of students by offering them the support—financially, academically and personally—they need to succeed.”