CCSJ Charter Authority Votes to Authorize Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

January 29, 2024

WHITING IN—CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC has accepted a favorable recommendation to authorize Thea Bowman Leadership Academy (TBLA).

“Calumet College of St. Joseph has a long history of serving as a vital educational resource for the Region,” said Dr. Amy McCormack, President of CCSJ, “Through our chartering agency, we offer our assistance so that Thea Bowman may remain viable, providing educational access to the families of Gary. We are hopeful that the State Board of Education will view this proposal favorably.”

TBLA applied to CCSJ for authorization in November, 2023.

“The Calumet College team found that TBLA’s application was compelling, and we accept their favorable recommendation to proceed to the next step of the authorization process,” said Dr. Ginger Rodriguez, President of CCSJ Charter Authority.

Following the application, TBLA’s prior authorizer voted to revoke their charter, citing a number of areas of concern. CCSJ Charter Authority’s team conducted a thorough site visit in December of 2023.

“We understand the concerns expressed in the reporting documents,” said Dr. Carrie Hutton, CCSJ Charter Authority Executive Director, “And we take these to heart. These reports, combined with our own assessment, will enable us to focus our time and attention most appropriately. Our proposal to the State Board will address a plan for correcting deficiencies.”

CCSJ Charter Authority held a public meeting at TBLA on Thursday, January 25, and heard from members of the community, all of whom spoke in favor of Thea Bowman’s continued authorization and expressed their hopes that Calumet College of St. Joseph would accept TBLA’s application for authorization.

The Charter Authority Managing Board voted to do so.

“For almost 75 years, the College mission has been to provide opportunity and empower students,” said Rodriguez, “The Thea Bowman family has demonstrated the same commitment. Because of our shared values and vision, we believe that Thea Bowman will address clearly identified challenges in a meaningful way to realize their educational goals. We also believe that these goals can be accomplished, though the process may not be a quick or easy one.”

CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC, will schedule a hearing with the State Board of Education so that they may consider the proposal to authorize Thea Bowman Leadership Academy.

CCSJ Charter Authority, LLC, is the charter school authorization entity of Calumet College of St. Joseph. CCSJ Charter Authority currently authorizes the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology (HAST).

Calumet College of St. Joseph is a graduate and undergraduate degree granting institution sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


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