Hearts and Hands Service Awards

Congratulations to the CCSJ Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Teams and Linda Gajewski, the inaugural recipients of the CCSJ Hearts and Hands Award! This award was established as part of the College’s Year of Service in honor of the Year of St. Joseph. It recognizes outstanding service to others by a campus group or individual.

The Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Teams have been instrumental in the CCSJ Sandwich Project, which is done in partnership with Chicago’s Port Ministries’ Bread Truck Program. This program provides over 134,000 meals each year to under-served community members.

Linda Gajewski, Director of Public Relations and Communications, has coordinated the College’s participation in the Meals on Wheels program since 2007, as well as Food Pantry Fridays, which benefit the CCSJ Food Pantry. She serves as a board member of the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce and Forever Blue and Gold, the alumni association for St. John the Baptist School. She is actively involved in Pierogi Fest and other Chamber events, but is particularly “iconic” during Wickedly Whiting.

The award will be presented monthly by the CCSJ Mission and Ministry Committee. They have established a goal of 5000 service hours by the CCSJ College Family during 2021.