Senior Spotlight: Edwin Chris Verde

Celebrating the Class of 2024!

Meet Edwin, a senior at CCSJ, pursuing his degree in Digital and Studio Arts. Originally from East Chicago, Indiana, his academic journey has been full of twists, turns, resilience and perseverance.

Edwin didn’t experience the traditional high school path. He dropped out of high school his junior year in response to numerous hardships he was facing. In 2019, he earned his GED, which rekindled his passion for education. The achievement of “College Graduate” – as an honors student with an impressive 3.8 GPA! – carries immense significance for Edwin and his family.

At CCSJ, we encourage students to explore their passions and embrace their purpose. Edwin discovered his passion for photography and can often be found on campus enjoying anything that involves his camera. He excelled in courses such as Intro to Graphic Design, Design Thinking, Photography, and Senior Project and Portfolio. Edwin aspires to be a professional photographer and dreams of working with prominent companies such as Marvel Studios or Jordan Brand. After graduation, he hopes to establish a studio in Chicago.

Edwin considers his experience at CCSJ exceptional, rating it as “10/10.” He commends the students and faculty for their kindness and supportive nature, sharing, “I thank my peers and professors at CCSJ for guiding me to become a better student each term and preparing me for the real world. My four years at CCSJ have been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I have cherished every moment.”

We’re proud of Edwin and everything he has accomplished. We hope he keeps capturing these moments and working to achieve his goals.

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