Senior Spotlight: Kylee Bunnell

Celebrating the Class of 2024!

Senior Kylee Bunnell is a shining example of perseverance and determination. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kylee was introduced to Calumet College of St. Joseph by a former teammate. She took the initiative to contact softball coach Dave Lopez and explore all the athletic and academic opportunities CCSJ offered. This spring, Kylee will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and a minor in Math.

The prospect of moving to a new state was exciting—and a big adjustment. Throughout her freshman year, Kylee adapted to living independently, away from her family, and learned how to share her living space with her peers of varying backgrounds. Always, though, softball grounded her. Kylee is a four-year member of the Softball team and gained valuable experience working in the Athletic Department during her freshman and sophomore years. She secured an internship through the Career Services department in her junior year and served as a fitness intern and TA for Dr. Stone in her senior year.

Additionally, Kylee was elected Secretary of the Student Government in her sophomore year and President in both her junior and senior years. She has been a member of the St. Gaspar’s Honors Learning Community since her freshman year. Kylee is especially proud of this because her family places a high value on academic success (her older brother is even her role model for her academic aspirations!).

Kylee most appreciates the wealth of resources available to students at CCSJ, with faculty and staff offering support and guidance to foster students’ educational and career ambitions. She has made lasting memories at CCSJ, including lifelong friendships and her time on the softball team. Her fondest memories were on the softball field, and she enjoyed studying abroad in Spain with the Honors program.

Kylee’s aspirations are as bold as they are inspiring. Her dream is to become a professional strength and conditioning coach at a higher education institution, and ultimately, to coach at the highest level, even with a National Football League (NFL) team. Her journey towards this dream begins after graduation, as she steps into a Graduate Assistant position at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Here, she will work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, guiding athletes from softball, women’s basketball, track and field, and football, while pursuing her master’s degree in Sports Administration and Sports Studies. Kylee’s passion for her future career is palpable, leaving no doubt about her potential for success.

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