Consumer Information Disclosure

This information is provided to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which requires institutions of higher education to disclose information and reports on various aspects of the institution’s policies, procedures, operations, and costs.

This webpage is designed to provide important information about Calumet College of St. Joseph on a variety of subjects for prospective students, their families, high school counselors and coaches, as well as prospective employees, current students, and current employees.

Questions and requests for paper copies of consumer information materials can be made by contacting the Director of Public Relations & Communications at (219) 473-4217.

  1. Academic programs (Traditional, Degree Completion, Graduate) & personnel
  2. Accreditation and Licensing 
  3. 2022 Annual Safety Report and Annual Fire Safety Report
  4. Articulation/Transfer Agreement(s)
  5. Athletic program report (EADA)
  6. Athletic financial aid by gender and race
  7. Availability of employees for information dissemination purposes. Please contact the Enrollment Department at or (219) 473-4215
  8. Book rental information – Bookstore
  9. College Navigator
  10. Completion rate, retention rate and transfer our rate of full-time undergraduates (transfer out rate is non-applicable.)
  11. Completion rates of students receiving athletic financial aid
  12. Complaint Resolution Process
  13. Constitution Day – will be held to commemorate the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787.  Various mediums are used to promote Constitution Day including an annual email to faculty, staff, and students announcing an education program to be held on campus.  The email will be sent on September 17 unless it falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, and then Constitution Day will be held during the preceding or following week.
  14. Consumer information – Personnel responsible for providing consumer information — CCSJ’s Director of Public Relations & Communications will email students as to the availability of information and the CCSJ Webmaster will post most up-to-date information on
  15. Copyright & peer-peer file sharing issues – Calumet College of St. Joseph is committed to taking reasonable steps to avoid misuse of its computer networks, including the use of computer networks to violate the Copyright Law of the United States
  16. Cost of Attendance COA
  17. Course schedule information
  18. Crime log
  19. Diversity of student body
  20. Drugs, Alcohol, & Tobacco
  21. Emergency notification
  22. FERPA Information | FERPA Consent Form | CCSJ FERPA Information
  23. Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid Information
  24. Fire Safety
  25. Foreign gifts or contracts worth more than $250,000 – We have no foreign gifts or contracts worth more than $250,000.
  26. Gainful employment programs – This requirement does not apply as we do not use this information in promotional materials.
  27. Graduate or professional education of graduates from institution’s 4 year degree programs – Survey instruments have been implemented to retrieve this information. Data will be posted as it is compiled.
  28. Immunization Policy
  29. Instructional, laboratory, and other physical facilities that related to academic programs.
  30. Missing Student Notifications
  31. Net Price Calculator
  32. Outcome of institutional disciplinary proceedings – Available upon written request from involved parties.
  33. Placement & Employment
    • Placement & employment info of degree or certificate program graduates – Survey instruments have been implemented to retrieve this information for our degree graduates. Data will be posted as it is compiled. We have no federally approved certificate programs.
    • Placement rate info if rate is used to attract students – Our placement rate is not used in any way to attract students.
  34. Preferred Lenders
    • Preferred lender arrangement annual report – CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.
    • Preferred lender list and disclosures – CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.
  35. Private Ed Loan Disclosures
    • Private education loan disclosures if preferred lender arrangement exists – CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.
    • Private ed loan disclosures (info about a private loan from a lender to a prospective borrower)
  36. Refund policies
  37. Registered sex offenders information
  38. Reimbursements for service on advisory boards – Members of the College’s advisory boards receive no reimbursement for their services.
  39. Report on athletic program participation rates & financial support data
  40. Report on completion or graduation rate & transfer-out rate of student-athletes
  41. Retention rate reported to IPEDS
  42. Services & facilities for students with disabilities
  43. Student Achievement
  44. TEACH Grant
    • Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education grant exit counseling – None of our students receive the TEACH Grant.
    • TEACH Grant initial counseling – None of our students receive the TEACH Grant.
    • TEACH Grant subsequent counseling – None of our students receive the TEACH Grant.
  45. Text Books
  46. Timely warning
  47. Title IX
  48. Transfer credit policies
  49. Veterans Education Benefit Programs
  50. Voter Registration
  51. Withdrawal procedures
  52. Written Arrangements
  53. SARA Complaint Process
  54. All Calumet College of St. Joseph students may file a complaint with Indiana Commission for Higher Education at Student Complaint Information – Indiana SARA Portal Agency
    Tel: 317.464.4400
  55. Students may file a complaint with their respective state’s consumer protection office.State Consumer Protection Offices


The Senior Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Athletics will ensure consumer information is provided to prospective students.

The Director of Human Resources will provide consumer information to prospective employees.

The Director of Public Relations & Communications is responsible for the maintenance of the consumer information content and for providing the consumer information notice to current faculty, staff, and students.